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  • Assistance in organising the journey from Poland to the Netherlands (we will book seats in a transport company, in some cases we will transport the candidates to the employer ourselves, we will give you the address of the destination – as well as the address of accommodation)
  • You can also go in your own car


What is worth taking with you?

  • Take enough money and food for a few weeks with you, because you will get your first pay after a week or a month (depending on the employer).
  • If this is your first trip and you do not have a SOFI/BSN number yet, your employer should make every effort to obtain one for you.
  • If it is necessary and the above is not possible for the employer (if this is agreed with the employer), we will help you with the application for a BSN number.


Take the following with you as well:

  • a valid identity document (valid for at least 3 months from the date of departure)
  • the SOFI/BSN number assignment document (if you have one)
  • the number of your bank account (preferably in foreign currency as banks charge for currency conversion)
  • a card to your bank account
  • a driving licence (if you have one)
  • kitchen utensils – cutlery, a cup, a plate, etc.
  • working clothes such as working shoes (with a steel toe-box, sometimes required), rain boots (unfortunately, it rains a lot in the Netherlands), rainwear (very useful when working outdoors)
  • bedding, a quilt/blanket or a sleeping bag (very practical in the times of COVID)


First day in the Netherlands

  • Upon arrival at the address we will have given you, you should report to or call the contact person indicated on the form or in the text message
  • That person should tell you when you start work and at what time.
  • You will also find out whether you will be travelling to work by a bicycle (it is possible if the distance is up to 10 km) or by other means of transport – the mode of transportation you will use to get from your home to your place of work.
  • You can only make a first impression once. Be punctual and diligent in your work. Show that you are a self-motivated person.
  • The first day on the job is very important.
  • In the Netherlands, there are various collective agreements known as CAO (Collective Labour Agreement), which regulate the conditions of employment and pay (hourly wages, overtime, sick pay and other taxes).
  • You should also ask your employer about the health insurance called Zorgverzekening (contributions are usually paid by the employee)



Current situation during the COVID 19 pandemic


Are the borders closed?

No. Full border traffic has been restored on Poland’s borders with other EU countries.

Are shops open in the Netherlands?

Grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies are open. There are restrictions on the number of people allowed on the premises of shops.

Do I need to get tested for Covid-19 before I leave?

It is not necessary.

Do I have to wear protective masks abroad?

It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose on the means of public transport and while shopping, as well as on the streets and in all public places. Remember that the mask protects you and the others.

What mobility restrictions apply in the Netherlands?
Mandatory 1.5 distance from other people in public spaces. In addition, you cannot gather in larger groups.


Grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies are open. There are restrictions on the number of people allowed on the premises of shops.

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